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How it Works ?

The platform is centralized management and works to link between the Users and Freelancers, with variety of service categories available for you to hop in.

Post your requirement

whenever you are in need for specific service, log in and just create your post.

Available Freelancers

The system could automatically match and notify your need to more than 1000 available freelancers in various categories on the stand.

Comparison and Selection

The system would gather and summarize all of the proposal for your comparison and you could choose by your preferable choice.

Convenience and Free

The platform would make it so much easier for you to find what you need and surprisingly with Free of charge.


We are seeking to use technology to make the better community by giving full support to local freelancers and to be the first ever platform which help people in finding solution and jobs.


To set up system, platform which is friendly environment for all users, to visit and find the right servicers/freelancers for helping them in solving general issue. As well as creating opportunity for freelancers/new graduated to find the right job.

Handee Platform

We passionate on creating an outstanding platform with features that could provide the efficiency value to your life.

Realtime notification

Never miss an opportunity to find out what’s going on in the market. The system will automatically notify all the standby freelancers once they are in need for service.

User Friendly Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and visually appealing, crisp and clear. The interface is designed based on the latest research on user experience.

Community supportive

Encouraging communication within the society and be part of a resolution of unemployment in the community.

Opportunity in life

Creating opportunity for many of new graduates and undergraduates to find out that what could be their future job or their professional, by various of service categories available in the platform.

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